Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bicycle Parking in San Francisco's Richmond District?

The Richmond District Branch Library reopened recently, after being closed for a year or more for renovations. And it is a shining example of the blessings of civic bonds in all respects except for at least one ... bicycle parking.

Above, I have parked my bicycle parallel to the new bicycle rack that otherwise is not very functional.

Books ...

Note that in this photograph, before I have locked up my own bike, two other bicyclists have locked their bicycles up at either end of the rack. A third person has locked his bike up on the handrail near the door to the library. Later, two additional bicyclists came, and leaned their bicycles against a tree. One person stayed outside while the other went inside.

Here's bicycle parking in front of the Richmond District YMCA on 18th Avenue. Same problem: bicyclists don't like the bike rack, so they lock their bicycles 1) on the SFMTA bike rack; 2) at the ends of the YMCA bike rack; or 3) to the tree. Unlucky stragglers have to lift their front wheels over the rack to lock their bikes up.

Tree hugging ...

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Unknown said...

The architects are probably very proud of that rack, and haven't a clue on how to lock a bike up.