Saturday, January 6, 2007

Welcome to Car-Free Talk

January 6, 2007

This is the companion blog to a public access tv show, Car-Free Talk, which appears occasionally on San Francisco's Channel 29.

This blog and the tv show are about the creation of "green" communities. Global climate change and the inevitable decline in energy supplies drive the creation of green (or "greener") communities. Green communities are dense, and hospitable to pedestrians, bicyclists and public transportation. Green communities invest in public parks, community gardens, and affordable housing.

But the creation of green communities does not mean the destruction of existing neighborhoods of single-family homes on the West Side of San Francisco (only developers, who would stand to profit handsomely, support razing existing blocks of homes and replacing them with condominium high rises). But it does mean that proponents support increasing density along transit corridors where there is space -- for example, above the single-story businesses on Geary Boulevard. And it does mean that many of us support the legalization of "in-law" units (garages turned into apartments).

Please participate in this blog and let us know what you think.

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Dave Snyder said...

We can not only "still experience the joy of life" but experience more joy...more freedom...more fun per minute in our daily lives by relying less on the car -- but still using it -- and more on walking and bicycling and comfortable easy transit.

Congratulations, Sue.